PT. Indotech Scientific

Plenty product line-up

from pre-analysis to production (50 different evaporators)

More than 200K EYELA evaporators

operated by scientists for more than half century

Product Line-up


  • Rotation speed 1400/1700 rpm (CVE-2100) or 100~2000 rpm (CVE-3000/3110)
  • Built-in vacuum pump (CVE-2200)
  • Built-in cooling coil (CVE-3000)
  • Teflon-coated chamber (CVE-3110)

  • Evaporation capacity of 20 or 23 ml/min (water)
    Rotation speed 5~280 or 20~180 rpm
  • Auto jack type with vertical double helix  condenser (N-1200BV)
  • Auto jack type with diagonal double helix type  condenser (N-1200BS)
  • Auto jack type with dewer type condenser (N-1200BT)

  • Rotary Evaporator with 20L sample flask N-4000・N-4000H・N-4000W
  • Large scale Rotary Evaporator N-21・N-51・N-101 series

For concentrating thermal denature, foamy, and highly viscous materials

  • Compact Design Thin Film Evaporator MF-1000
  • Thin Film Evaporator MF-10A・10B・10C
  • Thin Film Evaporator F-70・F-150・F-200

Evaporator Related Product

  • Wide range of application , smallest size with 450 W cooling capacity (CCA Series)
  • Medium and high power, 1050-7800W cooling capacity (CA Series)
  • Highly precise temperature control (PCC and CTP Series)

Heating Bath Circulator HS-1000・HS-1 suitable for low powered device (900 W at 40 C)

EYELACOAT glass and EYELA Evaporator Parts


Other Product Line up

Air jacket natural convection incubator (SLI series)
Temp control RT+5~600C
Timer and alarm function
Independent overheat protector
Environmental chamber (KCL series)
140L capacity
Temp control -15~850C

Natural convection with max temp 3000C (NDO series)
Timer and alarm function
Shelf type vacuum oven with dual heating system: bath heating and blowing controlled hot air (PVO series)

Highly recommended for use in area where it’s difficult to obtain constant water supply pressure (16 or 19 L/min water displacement)

  • Compact stirrer (NZJ-1000 series with air purge port and ZZ series)
  • Magnetic stirrer (RCX 1100S.1100D)
  • Magnetic stirrer with heater (RCH-3.1000)

Standard tube pump for supplying stable flow (Flow rate 0,5-9, 0,5-72,5, 10-180, 10-1450, or 80-1450 mL/h)

Waterbath shaker (NTS series)
Highly durable and silent shaking
Three heater output available (300/700/1300W)
Multi shaker (MMS series)
8-shaped, reciprocating, or orbital shaking
Selectable speed and container