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IC-2010 is an all-in-one system which consists of an on-line degasser, an auto-sampler, a high pressure-resistant pumping system, a column oven, a suppressor unit and a conductivity detector. In combination with high-performance ion chromatography columns (TSKgel SuperIC HS series), the IC-2010 performs high-throughput ion analysis.


  • High-throughput and high-speed multi-samples treatments {5 min/sample; up to 250 samples)
  • Liquid feed flow rate range 0.1-2.0 ml/min
  • Colum Oven temp range 25-45°C
  • Detector
    • CM – Detection range 50, 500, 5000 µS/cm
    • UV (optional) – Wavelength range 195-350 nm, Range 0.5, 1, 2, 4 ABU/1V



GPC apparatus “HLC – 8420 GPC”
It is an integrated high-speed GPC apparatus equipped with functional equipment required for accurate molecular weight distribution measurement.
We redesigned each unit including the liquid feed pump, degassing part, column oven, and realized excellent stability and reproducibility.
In addition, by using options such as solvent stocker, temperature control sampler table unit, etc., it is possible to further improve the baseline
stability and measure the sample with time.


  • Pump
    • Temperature-controlled
    • Flow rate 0.10-2.0 ml/min
    • Pump accuracy ± 2%; precission 0.2%
  • Autosampler
    • Measure type: syringe loop
    • Sample loop: 100,500 µl 
    • Injection vol.: 1-500 µl 
    • Precision: CV 0.5% 
    • Numb. of sample: 100
  • Column Oven
    • Temp 40-60°C; 30 cm columns x 8, guardcolumn x 1, inlinefilter x 1
  • Detector
    • RI – Dual flow, dynamic range 100 x 10·6 RIU/V
    • UV (optional) – Dual beam, wavelength range 195-350 nm


321 GPC / HT is a device dedicated to high-temperature GPC that can measure various polymers such as polyolefin and PPS.
Practicality, safety and high precision measurement can be performed by combining high-temperature GPC dedicated equipment considering the environment as well as multistation (GPC workstation 8321 GPC-WS) which can perform various data analysis.
  • Pump
    • Temperature-controlled
    • Flow rate 0.1-2.0 ml/min
    • Pump accuracy± 2%; precission 0.2%
  • Autosampler
    • Measure type: loop measurement
    • Sample loop: 300 µl
    • Reproducibility: CV 0.5%
    • Numb of vials: 24 x 10 ml
    • Alumunium block heating; 40-220°C
  • Column Oven
    • Temp 40-220°C; 30 cm columns x 8, guardcolumn x 1, inline filter x 1
  • Detector
    • RI – Dual flow, dynamic range 100 x 10·6 RIU/V


Tosoh Bioscience offers a comprehensive line of TSKgel (U)HPLC columns for use with conventional and UHPLC systems to meet your purification needs. The TSKgel product line include columns in nearly every mode of HPLC, including Size Exclusion, Ion Exchange, Reversed Phase, Hydrophobic Interaction, Affinity, and Normal Phase/HILIC.

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