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Applied Vacuum Technology

Vacuum for laboratory and industry

Welch is a leading pump manufacturer of high-
quality, durable vacuum products. Our extensive
portfolio includes diaphragm pumps, rotary vane
pumps, WOB-L® piston pumps, benchtop roots
blower systems and turbomolecular pumps and
systems, in addition to a wide range of accessories
and vacuum hardware.

About Welch

Welch is the technology leader for laboratory and light industrial vacuum pumps, systems, and components. Our quality products are sold globally under the Welch name. Welch products are produced by Gardner Denver Thomas, Inc.


Welch® History

Welch has provided quality vacuum pumps for laboratory, industrial and educational applications for over a century. Today, Welch is a leading manufacturer of vacuum pump products for chemical and biological laboratories, high vacuum manufacturing, and air-conditioning/refrigeration.

The Welch product line includes oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, dry piston and diaphragm vacuum pumps, and specialized vacuum systems, components, and applications. ChemStar Dry, the oil-free deep vacuum system, is the latest technology innovation from Welch

About Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver is a global producer of compressors, vacuum pumps and related equipment.

The durability of our products is measured in decades. Superior designs ensure the most reliable, energy efficient products in the industry.

Gardner Denver provides low-pressure air and vacuum with a complete line of positive displacement and centrifugan blowers and exhausters, as well as rotary vane compressors.