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Food and Feed Line

Kjeldahl and Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer and other equipment for food and feed analysis

Kjeldahl Analyzer

Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

  • Conformity with multiple standards protocols
    (AOAC, ISO, EPA, DIN etc.)
  • Aluminum heating block
  • Maximum working temperature 450 ·c
  • Fully automatic unit TEMS™ technology-DKL series

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

  • Entry-level distillation unit (auto NaOH addition) with 5 min analysis time (UDK 129)
  • Semi-automatic distillation unit (auto NaOH, HzD) with 4 min analysis time (UDK 149)
  • Automatic distillation unit (auto NaOH, H20, H3B03) with 3 min analysis time and ability of distillation in series (UDK 139) 

Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

  • Fully-automatic distillation unit with integrated colorimetric
    titrator (UDK 159)
  • Fully-automatic distillation unit with integrated colorimetric titrator and connection to autosampler (UDK 169) 

Dumas and Fiber Analyzer

Dumas Analyzer

  • Conformity with multiple standards protocols
  • Carbon and nitrogen analysis (CN 802)
  • Dumas Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer with He as carrier gas (NDA 701)
  • Dumas Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer with He/ Ar as carrier gas (NDA 702) 

Raw Fiber Analyzer

  • FIWE Fiber Analyzer-use pre-heated reagents
    for fiber analysis
  • COEX Cold Extractor-performs rapid fat extraction directly in the same glass crucibles used by FIWE Series for raw fiber analysis

Dietary Fiber Analyzer

  • Confirms to enzymatic method 985.29 by AOAC
  • Enzymatic digestion for dietary fiber analysis by enzymes heating-GOE Enzymatic Digester
  • Filtration unit for the final filtration and washing phase-CSF6 Filtration Unit 

Environmental Line

Ideal for reliable and accurate analysis on many environmental samples

Incubator and Refrigerated Thermostats

  • Auto-Tuning thermoregulation system
  • Total volume 120 or 215 L
  • Total volume 20°c (constant) or from 3 to 50°C
  • Also suitable for BOD analysis


  • Portable design and powered by dedicated battery or
    from car cigarette lighter (FP4)
  • Selectable identical speed (10 to 300 rpm) and time for all positions for comparable results (JL T series)
  • Independently selectable speeds (10-15-30-45-60-90-120-150-20 rpm) (FC S series) 

COD Thermoreactor

  • Determine both metallic and non-metallic
    elements in organic and inorganic materials
  • 6, 8, 14, or 25 positions
  • Temperature from ambient to 160 or 200°c
  • Aluminum heating block


  • Accelerated oxidation test for the determination of the oxidation stability of fats
  • Two chambers up to 100 ml
  • Pressure range 0-8 bar
  • Room temp to 120 C


  • Premium results provided in seconds
  • NIST traceable standards
  • Measurement to ISO 7027 standard
  • IP 67 protection

Radiation Detector

  • Standard ±15% of the full scale relative to Cesium-137
  • Results in milliroentgens/hour and counts/minute (cpm) in 3 periods
  • Detects a, B, y and x-rays

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