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Indotech's Note

PT. Indotech Scientific (Indotech) is a leading distributor of laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions, general laboratory supplies, and laboratory system solutions in Indonesia. Indotech’s products support research and production across diverse end-user markets including pharmaceutical, scientific research, industrial, academy, etc. Headquartered in Kramatjati, Jakarta, Indotech has warehouse facilities, workshop facilities, and sales and service network office in some province in Indonesia with full supports including product training and technical assistance.

“.. with full supports including product training and technical assistance”

Indotech is the exclusive agent and distributor of well-known, well-established, and highly regarded scientific equipment brands — HITACHI HIGH-TECHNOLOGIES (Japan), himac (Japan), TOSOH (Japan), EYELA (Japan), HETTICH (Germany),  VELP (Italy), SP SCIENTIFIC (US) — joined to create one of the most trustworthy and most experienced companies in Analytical, Life Science, Preparation Equipment, and Laboratory Essentials. More than a scientific equipment supplier, Indotech represents brands that distinguish themselves by thoroughly assisting customers in matching their equipment to particular application needs. Agro-industry, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Diagnostic, Forensic, Biotechnology, etc. — as well as government facilities, universities, and colleges are among the organizations served on a daily basis.

Indotech is Your Mate in Lab!