PT. Indotech Scientific


Pathway into a Clean Technology

We follow well-known regulation throughout the industry  such as WHO, CDC, ISO 14644, EU GGMP, US FED STD 209, and Indonesian standards for drug making in pharmaceutical (CPOB).

We offer a complete solution in laboratory furnishing for instance: laminar flow canopy, chemical process bench, air shower, pass-through, process gas, DI water system, and autoclave. Not only providing construction services, we also assisting in SOP drafting, facility cleaning and maintenance also IOQ documentation.

Design Consulting

We hear customers’ input of what standards they want to achieve and the standards they want to implement in the laboratory. We analyze them and recommend the right solution for them.

Working temperature, humidity, and workflow are needed to determine the type, quantity, and quality of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system used in the laboratory. The data also used to design working area for analysis inside the laboratory, including vestibule and anteroom if we are working with biohazardous material.

These steps are completed by detailed specification of CAD drawing and 3D sketch.

Material Selection

Each of our project is a special case, we choose the right material for each of them.

WALL AND CEILING – sandwich panel, radial coving, anti-microbial paint, etc.

FLOORING – Anti static, anti slip, chemical resistant, etc.

ACCESS AND SECURITY – Interlocked doors, pass through box, emergency exit, CCTV, smoke detector and sprinkler, etc.

HVAC – horizontal/vertical AHU, electric/LPHW heating, DX/chilled water cooling, etc.

ELECTRICITY – power outlet, 3-phase socket, uninterruptable power supply, etc.

Installation and Project Management

We appoint a site manager to monitor, control, make a documentation, and report on material delivery, on going progress, and future construction plan. To meet standard quality and time delivery, we routinely hold meetings to discuss progress and working plan. We are open to client’s input in the construction phase as long as it does not deviate too much from the original plan.

Comissioning and Maintenance

In this final phase, we do a analysis on critical parameters (particle count, temperature, humidity, and pressure reading). Validation process was done to ensure Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ).

We provides service contract and training program to make sure your investation in the laboratory are well-protection and ready for analysis.

Pass through box was made from stainless steel 304. Pass box could be configured with glass door, double door, or in 60 x60 size.

Air Shower is required in cleanroom or in any industrial application that require separation between clean and dirty area.


  • System eletromagnetic interlock
  • HEPA Filter efficiency 99,99%, 0,3 micron,
  • Washable filter, efficiency 90% based on 10 micron
  • Frame: Stainless steel 304 / 201, painted steel, color steel plate
  • Size: customized;
  • Nozzle quantity: customized;
  • Air velocity: 20-25 m/s;
  • Air shower time: 10-99 s adjustable;
  • Door: interlock, magnetic electrical control, stainless steel frame;
  • Power: 220V 50Hz, different foreign.
  • Light: LED;

LAF weighing booths provide product and personal protection during the weighing of powdery substances. These conditions are ensured by means of targeted recirculation. A clean and low-turbulence air flow (laminar air flow) vertically flows into the work area of the weighing booth and is exhausted close to the bottom. Airborne substances are collected in a controlled manner. The integrated exhaust air system, which generates a slight negative pressure in the working area of the weighing booth, permanently protects the ambient area against contamination. The weighing booth does not need to be connected to the on-site supply or exhaust air system.

Technical Details

  • Self-supporting powder-coated stainless steel or sheet steel construction
  • Laminar air flow recirculation system
  • Lateral and front flow restriction with anti-static PVC curtain, front entrance clearance of 1.9m
  • 4x 220V sockets
  • Pre-filter stage: G4 filter mat behind perforated plate
  • Pre-filter stage: F9 compact filter cartridges
  • HEPA filter H14 for process air and exhaust air
  • Perforated plate air outlet surface
  • Integrated cooling system incl. mixed water control for condensate-free cooling
  • Automatic fan control for a constant LAF speed
  • LED lighting
  • Control system in a separate switch cabinet
  • Technical documentation according to the Machinery Directive
  • Qualification documentation
  • GMP-/FDA-compliant design

HVAC System Validation

  • Airflow Pattern AirFlow
  • Velocity & Change per Hour
  • Filter Leak Test
  • Particle Count
  • Viable Monitoring
  • Filter Integrity Test (DOP/PAO Test)
  • Pressure Difference 
  • Revolver
  • Temperature & Humidity Uniformity
  • Moisture Content (Dew Point)
  • Oil Vapor
  • Particle Microbe